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gang idea#594

if possible please make it so theres a point to be allies/enemys with gangs because right now its basically pointless. my idea to fix this is to make it so you could send like a deleration of war to another gang and the agreesor could do more damage while the other side has more defense. who ever kills the most rival gang/ take points will win 50 m distubeted through everyone who is in the gang or is in a allied gang makeing it so theres a point to trying in a gang. to make this work please put in a point set for gang wars so that every enemy you kill you get 1 point and every flag you take yyou get 5 points whever one of your members die you lose 1 point and the enemy wins 1 every flag lost you lose 4 points. in order for a gang to win you have to collect 75 points through out a week if they did not reach the goal they dont get the money even if they are ahead of the other gang. i can go into more detail if you dm me.

2 months ago